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Power folding mirrors


Full Member
Feb 11, 2007
Central Falls, Rhode Island
Hey guys,

    Just wondering... today I was playing with the power folding mirrors showing dome friends and after hitting the mirror button a bunch of times, the mirrors were out of sync (1 mirror would fold out and then the other one would fold out like 5 seconds later and the same for folding in)

  After I left the mirrors alone for like 3 minutes, the mirrors where back to normal and in sync. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen or was it just me hitting the button too much. If not, does anyone think this is something I should get looked at ?
It sounds like a logic lock-up, I would use them as they were intended to be used and monitor them, if it happens again, then go in.  Its easy to "overload" a module in these trucks, many times a repair for those types of concerns is to reboot the truck(just disconnect the bat and touch the two cables together to drain the load), just like your puter at home..lol, I have not seen a new cal for that concern as of yet....