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Power Rear Window


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Jan 24, 2002
The rear removable window and the antenna need to be powered! It would make it much easier when cleaning the front windshield or using a cloth truck cover.
Power antenna or one built into the windshield is a no brainer IMHO. Agreed that would be a great feature.

A power sliding rear window WITH a working midgate that also DIDN'T leak and could be installed removed as easily as the current window AND would allow you to leave the window in place but the midgate down would be an engineering marvel of epic proportions!
I've often thought about this. I'd like to leave a crack in the back window without the potential of a break in.
If I remember correctly, the winshield antenna's were bad at fringe reception. I know GM went to antenna's embedded in the roof, but this was a problem with after market add-on's like roof racks and such that would cut through the antenna. The power antenna is a resonable alternative though.

Regarding the rear window, adding power to this would most likely require making the mid-gate thicker. I for one wouldn't want to give up the space either in the cab or the bed. Plus, the ability to remove the rear window allows it to be cleaned easily.

IMHO, the midgate is an engineering masterpiece and I would leave it as it is.
Power antennas are sort of out of vogue, maintenance issues I think. If you installed one it would preclude the addition of the Aux Battery. ;D
I've wondered if a powered rear window could fold or slide UP into the headliner or into the trim behind the window. This would separate the window function from the midgate function, allow the flexibility that the Av has now, and give us a powered window.
Then the rear window would proably have to be made out of thin plastic. I like my rear glass.

Well I got it at a huge box store. I thought it was a transformer.... I want my money back.....just kiddin >:D
Hay where are the lazer eyes..........
Alaska_AV said:
Well I got it at a huge box store. I thought it was a transformer.... I want my money back.....just kiddin >:D
Hay where are the lazer eyes..........
Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

I would agree to a power rear window but it *IS* a truck. Having some manual labor required is all part of owning a truck.

Personally I like folding the rear seats, pulling the window out and hiding it away.... reminds me of what a unique and awesome truck I have.


Power Window will be available in a new truck. The GMC 2004 Envoy XUV available mid 2003.

The proble with power windor is you could not put the midgate down with the window up. I like having my window in and my midgate down.

Now the split midgate....that is worth looking at....
I know a lot of you guys and gals are sick of me complaining. So here is an idea my friend and I came up with for the AV, maybe for the new year or something. A power rear window. you simply press a button, the window slides down into the midgate, and voila, you have instand rear window out. It would still fold down the midgate as it does, except it would be housed on the inside of the midgate instead of the outer part of the midgate. what do you guys think?

P.s. If someone already posted this idea, Im sorry I "took" the idea, I didnt see anything like this on previous posts.
I would make the power rear window an option. I would gladly give up the midgate down/glass in, in favor of being able to open/close the rear window easily anytime I wanted (like the power roof). Anyone that wanted the removeable rear window would not order the power rear window.
I would to see the rear window "roll" down into the midgate.
Same as the Ford explorer sport.
I don't know if it would work, issues with rattle and sealing
but it would be nice.
yeah from way back in this section you will see where evereyone wanted it power and a split midgate too....take a look at some of the older threads......

Ok how about this....

Instead of sliding into the mid gate...the power window has a sliding panel in the middle...like some pickup windows...

has a frame around it ...so it can be removed...but the middle slides open like a pickup window....

motor for the window resides in the mid gate and engages the bottom of the window to open or close...perhaps a screw drive against the track or something....