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Power Seat Nightmare


New Member
Jun 24, 2007
Omaha, NE
I purchased a 2003 Avalanche with 53 K miles a week ago. The power seats and seat heaters worked fine.  Yesterday the drivers side seat quit working as did both sides seat heaters (just when I was showing off the new toys to my wife).  I looked franticly for a fuse that controls them.  I found one IGN3 that says ignition, heated mirrors.  It is 10 amp and is fine.  The only related thing I could find for the power seat was "CB Seat".  According to the book it is a circuit breaker and it controls both front power seats.  Because the passenger seat works fine still I assume it is not that. I was told it may be the "module" but would like input before I dive into something.
First :welcome: to the club, I think there is a relay module, but I'm at work and I will try to find some info for you, I think it's under the seat 
Maybe the connector for the power under the seat came undone.?? I would look there also..

ps Welcome to the CLUB...  (y)
No luck so far I could not find a diagram, but sounds like you are on the right track to fix it.

I am not sure if I am replying correct as this is my first day in the club and first time using this great tool.  If not fill me in please.  First thanks for the warm welcome and secondly I conquered the problem.  I located the module under the drivers seat and unplugged it for about 30 sec.  I plugged it back in and it started working.  Both the seat controls and heaters both work again.  I guess it is like re booting a computer.  If I had called IS, they would have told me that I am sure (haha). 

Thanks to all who responded.

Al F (y)
(y) congrad's I thought it was there,but I don't have my manual here at work  (y)
hrm... wonder if that could be the reason mine works/doesn't work/work again.
Hey ALF were ya from and don't forget to fill out your profile. Also check your local state forums for GTG's
Hi MS3 - This is Mrs. Alf a/k/a Ginny.  We live in Bellevue, NE, a suburb of Omaha.  (Al is outside admiring his truck.)  I hope I did the profile right but did not see where to add truck details.  I like teasing Al about his new "girlie" truck.  Don't be mad, pls, but we traded our F250 Power Stroke diesel which had little but horsepower.  (This is not only our first Avalanche but our first Chevy.)  We got an extended warranty just in case.  He is definitely entitled to all these creature comforts in his old age.  Looks more like a cockpit to me.  Anyway, it's great to have a place to ask questions.  Thanks again for welcoming us and I hope Chevy guys have good senses of humor.

It's in your profile

to the left FORUM PROFILE Infomation
Dune said:
hrm... wonder if that could be the reason mine works/doesn't work/work again.

Does it matter?  Aren't you selling your AV?