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Power Stearing Noise


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Feb 15, 2006
In the last two weeks I have been experiencing an increased amount of noise from my power steering pump.

The noise is best described as a whine that increases when I turn or rev the motor.  I was not experiencing any issue when actually turning the wheels, just the noise.

Went to my Chevy dealer, he said I had the wrong viscosity power steering fluid in my truck.  To my knowledge I have the same fluid as when my 07 came off the assembly line?

From paperwork ?Test drive and inspect for noise.  Check SI for bulletins.  Per document #1875699 flush power steering fluid system with synthecit power steering fluid.  Retest drive.  Normal pump noise remaining?

The truck is quiet again.

2007 Avalanche LT3
sounds fishy to me, keep that document in case anything ever happens in the future. If you didn't do anything to change the fluid then it should have been right. You never know what those guys in Mexico were up to when they built the truck though.  :beating:
The fishy part(or wrong part) is that the tech said that it had the wrong fluid in it, where in fact i likely had the correct fluid(never seen a new one with the wrong fluid in it...or heard of one when talking to other techs...) what he should have said is..flush system with updated fluid to correct customers concern",  then no one would be left wonderin, the rest of the story makes sense, other than the word synthecit....lol.
Mine just had the same issue.  They tried replacing the fluid with a synthetic as per GM.  That did not stop the noise so they ended up replacing the pump.  Apparently there is some sort of bulletin on this.