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Pre Purchase - Last Round Of Questions



So Close!!! :love:

Here's what i'm down to choosing from.

z71 with only the conv. pkg added for $30000. born on 06/02!
i like the recent born on date in hopes that gm applied all mods. Is this a safe assumption?
The sticker on this recent build is about $900 higher other similar AV's with older build dates. If fact I can get a leather bucket seated one for $140 less! Did I mention that the 06/02 truck has a bench seat? i'm a little old fashioned in that i like riding with my girl beside me. If the buckets aren't all leather I'de prefer the bench for the reason just stated.

okay, now four my other option.... a North Face for $31000. i don't know the build date and haven't seen it. I'm going out tomorrow to look at it, but bascially the only option is the North Face package.

What specifically should i look for when inspecting the vehicle tomorrow?

What truck would you buy - old build, or new build, north face, or straight z71?

thanks everybody .... you should get comissions!!

p.s . That Ford Lightning still calls my name everytime I drive by the Ford Dealer - same money, lots of go fast!!
I think I would buy the one that most suits my needs and style. The money is close don't let that sway you. Check out the North Face and see what you think then decide. ;D
When I finally decided to take the plunge....2 weeks ago. I started looking for a bench.....but I could not find...so I bought Buckets, and just like u stated, If I am getting buckets ...might as well get Leather. I bought the truck that had the options I wanted most..... Color-Sunroof-Roofrack-4.10 gears-Z71 pkg.....ended up getting a fully loaded AV and am very happy with my choice. My advice to you is write down what u must have in ur AV and go from there, to save a few bucks and get a color that was not ur first choice or that is missing a option u really wanted I think u would be sorry! GL in ur hunt :D
Hi, I ordered a Z-71 with the 40/20/40 'bench' whish is much more than a bench. The shape of the two main seats is not unlike the buckets. Ordered the unit about 1 month before they started hitting the lots here, June 2001.
I went with these seats for a couple of reasons. If I am using the full box I can carry two extra people, not one. I also have a little parter in crime that likes sitting up there. Also when not in use you have a large armrest with a bunch of storage.
I guess the deciding factor the other way would be how much do you want leather? For me it was not an important matter at all.
I think the Z package is good value, including for re-sale.
For the stereo, given it has a single CD decide if you are going to end up replacing it anyway, if so the unit it comes with is not important.
And consider options according to what you can and cannot add easily after the fact.
My .02