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Predator vs. Hypertech


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Mar 17, 2007
Wasilla, Alaska
Hey guys,

I'm sure there is probably threads about this issue already, but just getting used to the forums and all to bear with me.  Anyways, there seems to be a huge lag on my avalanche when i get on the gas.  A total dog off the line.  I understand that this could possibly be factory settings from the computer protecting the differential, drive train etc..  Would getting a programmer fix the problem somewhat or would I be looking at getting headers, intake system, and all that.  Not looking for a whole lot more accleration at this point, just a step in the right direction.

Which brings me to my original question.  There seems to be two major types of programmers out there from what i saw looking through this site.  Which one do you guys feel is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages?  Am I seriously looking at ruining my drive train and what not by reprogramming.  Also does reprogramming totally void all warranty??  If you could answer any or all of these questions it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Well first off welcome to the club :wave:. Second, a programmer isn't really the first step to getting better acceleratio or more power. Most people go with a CAI (Cold Air Intake) like Volant or K&N & and Exhaust system like Magnaflow's Catback system or Flowmaster's numerous systems. All of these generally give better throttle response, more power, and maybe +1 mpg. Some have gone w/ a programmer first. The Hypertech HPP3 is probably the best programmer for a novice, it does all basic things and is very user friendly; next step up would be the Superchips, more money but also more options to tune; then the next step would be the Predator, which does a lot of tuning and lets you do on-the-fly engine diagnostics.
So basically it just comes down to what you are looking for & how much you want to spend. Here's a site for one of the Club sponsors: http://www.tbyrnemotorsports.com/ He has everything from CAIs to Turbo/Super Chargers. And he has decent prices. Hope this helps some, and good luck with the modding.