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premium to luxury


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Jul 10, 2007
i seen on here that someone could reprogram the radio with out replacing the amps if so i would be happy to purchase there services instead of doing the whole amp thing the radio was out of a 05 escalade going into a 06 silverado 2500 with premium and has been unlocked and reprogrammed for the silverado  i think  please if anyone has a solution i would appreciate the help, thankx
First :welcome: to the club

Some newer Touchscreens can be reprogrammed for that, try Machomachodan@yahoo.com
If you heard the lux amp, verses what you have with a premium amp, you may want to consider replacing/converting the amp/system to a lux, after all. :)

Either way, good luck!
It's sound like he has a plan. I just put in my tweeters in the c Pillars this thing sounds great.
I was contemplating some pocket tweeters. If I placed tweeters in the back, I don't know if my hearing would pick up any improvement from them.
The only problem is the speakers are next to rear seat passengers head.
Experiment with replacing the series capacitors with something half the size If they're a bit too loud now. The lower freqs they pass now, would be a bit less.
It's not that's it is loud, it's just the rear pillars are right next to the rear seat in the occupant ear
Something to consider for those seeking a place back there for them.
OK, sorry for the thread jack

What I did was I bought a  the rear pillar panel from a Denali XL that had the speakers in it so it would match amp. I took the speakers out and cut the grille for the speaker out of the panel. the problem is there is not enough clearance any where else to mount the speaker other than here. I had to cut a slot in the foam it get it to fit. Anyone trying this use a sanding center to form the grille use the belt part to get close the size you want it then use the wheel to round it. I used a 2 part epoxy to glue it in place both the speaker and the grille


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I see where the problem would be. If I was placing them, I would have tried up & to the left. In this case, it's all done with the part as they come..

No room any where else, too shallow It actaully had a mounting flange that I threw away