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Protecting Carpets


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May 30, 2003
Picking up my new AV later this week, and was wondering if there is a product available to apply to the carpets to make them more resistant to stains. Doesn't 3M make a product like this? Any suggestions and if so a possible source?
I do not put crap on carpets for protection......once in I find it makes stain cleaning a bit harder....

Plus with the dark carpets not much shows up......

Oh yeah 303 makes a product to supposedly prevent stains.....

As well as others...look in grocery store or wal mart they sell em too...
I have always used scotch guard on the new vehicles. It makes the cleaning of spills easier. Or so it seems easy, I wouldn't know how to compare it, have always done it since my dad told me to at 16! It is worth the $5 and just two really light coats is all you need. don't soak it. Just my opinion.
I chose Husky Liners over carpet treatment, I am very pleased. No stains AND no carpet wear. The liners catch 99% of everything that makes it to my floorboard ;D
We got the cloth seats and carpet scotch guarded the first day. When we clean the whole AV (int & ext) we rescotch guard after the seats and carpets dry from steam cleaning. It is worth the little bit of trouble down the road in my opinion.
With or without floor mats the Scotch Guard is virtually unbeatable, been on the market for years, but just do NOT try to drown the carpet. Better with a couple light sprays. And add mats to save both stain problems and wear to protect the investment.
Finally picked up the AV! Ordered a set of Catch-All floormats the same day, and picked up a can of Scotchguard. I'll spray the carpets this weekend and drop the mats in as soon as they arrive.

Thanks guys!