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Jul 12, 2007
Lethbridge AB, CA
Hi Guy's:

Just got home from our 1st short trip to test TT.  It went well.  Going down to site the Av could pull this TT at around 100 - 110kph, had to tow in 3rd gear, even on the flat it rarely would shift into OD.  Goning back it was a little windy, and it felt the truck had to work harder.  I had a sensation of being pushed, and pulled all the way home.  Is this normal due to this trailers weight?, and the Av & the TT approaching the GCVWR, or is the Wt disytributing hitch need a little adjustment, it did feel a little light on the steering on te way home.

Any help/Input appreciated.

Hey Guy's is this called porposing?  If so can it be reduced by stiffer shocks?, or more tension on wt distribution hitch.

roentgen62 said:
Hi Warwagon:

Was front to back, have a sway bar also maybe wasn't as tight as it should be.


Front to back could be a number of things.  Wind, road conditions, weight distribution between the trailer and the tounge (sp?), etc.

Check the WD hitch and the weight distribution front to back in the TT as well.  You may have packed it up differently on the way home and put extra on the front or rear of the trailer.
Learn to set up your WD hitch correctly. It is not a simple operation the first time you do it.

You will need to take measurements in the front and rear of the truck before, during, and after the installation of the bars to ensure you get it right.

As a hint, if you set up the bars correctly, the FRONT of the truck will sit LOWER than it did without the bars. This is because you are DISTRIBUTING the weight correctly throughout the truck.

Another factor that will affect the porpoising is the distribution of weight (cargo, etc) inside the trailer. Also make sure your water and waste tanks are empty, too.
Hello tclaremont:

Am going to shorten the wd hitch chains next trip, and see if the nose drops a bit.  In any event I got some Monroe Rancho shocks comming.  Hope this helps also.

roentgen :B: