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Pushing A Oversized Chair Down The Highway


Full Member
May 4, 2002
NE Ohio
Today was my lucky day. I found 2 pennies heads up about 10 minutes before all this happened.
I was driving down the highway doing 65mph in the passing lane and 2 trucks just ahead of me off to the right carrying a full load of furniture. Then all of a sudden I see this oversized chair or love seat come flying up out of the bed of the truck. I hit the brakes as it is in the air. Then wham it hits right in front of me. I hit it as I am swerving all over the road and into the median. I see the seat cushions flying in the air in the rearview mirror and cars swerving to miss them. I finally come to a stop in the median. Man was I shook up. My heart was beating sooooo fast. My air bag didn't deploy. The only thing that I can think of was that I must of hit the chair at the same speed that it was moving because when I got out. there wasn't anything damaged except a little bit of a bend in the license plate. The owners of the other truck stopped to see if I was okay and if there was any damage. Luckily there wasn't. Then he offered me $100. I told him no I didn't want his money as long as I was okay and the Av didn't sustain any damage. I took down all his info and told him, that if I found anything wrong that I expected him to pay for it to be fixed. It was settled on a handshake.
Can you believe that in about 1/2hrs time not a single policeman or person for that matter stopped to see if everything was ok? This was a very busy stretch of highway in Ashtabula. I guess its time to invest in a cellphone.I don't have OnStar I wish that I did.
The weird part about this is 10yrs ago on the same holiday I was following my dad while he was hauling my new sofa and love seat when the sofa flew out of his truck on the highway. The only difference was that nobody hit that one.
One final note. I hit a loveseat/ chair at 65mph and not a bit of damage, but take it to the dealer to have them do warranty repair work on it and comes back with more damage than in an accident.
Wow... how many people can say that they have had furniture thrown at them with no sign of damage? ?I guess it helps if your speed difference to the item in question wasn't that great. ?Glad to hear there was no damage... but make sure you give her a good wash and wax... that's where I always find the bits of damage that missus hopes I'll never see. ?When I was the car I find every scratch and nick.
:eek: Glad to hear that you were OK!

When I was about 17, I had an aluminum extension ladder come off a truck in front of me on the Long Island Expressway. It hit the road and bounced up high enough that I went right under it in my dad's wagon. Amazingly no one got into an accident because of it. That was my lucky day! Though I probably put a few pucker marks on the seat... >:D
Glad to hear your AV wasn't damaged, and uh, that you were ok too (y)