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Putting in new air filter system and exhaust but need help, 07


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Jan 15, 2007
Houston Texas
I have a 07 LT3 and im try to boost the horse power and mpg but i have no idea how. Ive been reading alot of posts but i am still confused. Can anyone suggest the best air intake system and exhaust system (p.s. my friend gave me a super 40 flowmaster, should i use it?) and maybe what kind of chip or tuner to put in. Thanks in advance for your help.
the flowmaster super 40 is a good choice, i think the intakes are all about the same
im haveing some of the same issues on preformance modifications, i would also love some ideas on the subject.  :help:
Sup guy welcome to the club I just joined a few days ago too. I've looked at a few exhausts for the 07. Havn't been able to find many but Gibson has a couple to choose from. Exit behind the tires or straight out the back. Duel right side exit. Check it out man. And like someone else said, all the cold air intakes are about the same. Get a Throttle body spacer though it helps cool the air before intake even more. Ok later man if you find anything out post again to let me know.
I got a flowmaster single inlet dual outlet exiting behind the passenger  rear tire with the afe stage 2 dry kit.It seems to have some more pick up off the line but passing people on the highway is alot more fun now.I put a crew cab "HEMI" in its place the other day to lol.
I've got an Airaid CAI and single in/dual out Magnaflow dual exhaust. They've both been good to me, not one complaint.
I've got the Flowmaster 40 single in, dual out with a Volant CAI. I'm getting ready to switch to the Trueflow XDI intake.  Also looking into headers, plugs and wires, and few other things.  >:D