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question for later

Did you try a search on the subject?  I've seen some post about installing NAV but not sure it was for an ?07. Maybe try and narrow your search by entering a brand name
From what I've read it's a simple swap, then add antenna, buy a Nav Disc and take to Dealer to unlock. Since this is for later I'll verify shortly.  The 2007 have Denso have Headunits. Now with that being said I don't see why you could not use a Delphi, but I need to verify this.
The 15882766 is the Denso HU, the 15940102 is the Delco HU
From what I can tell yes, but there differences on how they are installed. I post more this weekend
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By the way I'm leaning toward the 15940102  Delco HU easier to install
just my opinion
OK I don't know if you still need this info , but here it is.

The Denso HU needs a VSS connection which it's gets from a connection to the UPFIT connection. The Delco gets it vehicle speed from the BCM. The Denso unit can work without it, but while driving the Navigation will be some erratic and may jump, because it does not know the vehicle speed.

The Delco seems to use the existing wiring of the AV, the Denso seems to be adapted to the AV