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Questions for Cladded av owners

By-tors av

Full Member
Jan 21, 2007
Parma, Ohio
This is my first post i dont have an AV yet but in the next few weeks i will, i cant f-ing wait. My question is do any of you have any problem with rust under the cladding and how do clean the salt and crap from the winter roads under it?
I live in cleveland OH and we use lots of rust causing salt on the roads.
Can the cladding be romoved once in a while to clean under neath it?

No problems.  We have a member from Alaska who took off his cladding so he could paint it, and had pictures from underneath, no rust!
I have an 02 and lived in Ohio for 2 years....

As far as I know, I do not have rust under my cladding.  The hood insulation took a beating, and the salt took out my underbody lights, but other then that.... I love my AVALANCHE  :love:
I work in the bodyshop at a chevy dealership so I see AV's with the cladding remover all the time and I can say that I have not seen any rust yet.
I know when i wash my av it washes behind the cladding cause you can see it run out the bottom. I have an 03 av and there is no rust under mine yet.
never seen this but figured i would ask, Has anyone ever looked behind their cladding and had rust problems or any thing like salt build up behind it or anything, i was asked about it by a friend and didn't know never checked , so if anyone has had problems in that aspect please let me know