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Quick question on interior color for 2004


New Member
Jun 11, 2007
I just picked up a used 2004 avalanche, super happy with it so far.  Right now it has some ratty-used up floor mats.  I am looking at the factory ones listed on the opening page here, or the Nifty catch all's.  I am trying to decide on color, I think my floor is the charcoal, but not for sure (black matts are also listed in Nifty's site).  Was there any other color available for the interior of 2004 avalanche.  Also anyone out there have a set of Nifty's in the Av in the charcoal, do they look good, hold up well. 
Thanks for your responces.
Is yours a Z71..mine is and I have the think black rubber mats with the gold bow tie logo..for factory mats they look good and hold up well. Although I bought my truck used and I did not have them..a member on the board here sold me his.