Quotes for Diff. Repairs


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Hello Mn
Just found out my front and rear diffs. need to be replaced or rebuild.  I got a quote for, rear Diff. $800-$1800, Front Diff. $1200-$1300.  Any suggestions on other shops that deal with drive trains for an estimate?  I am in the Elk River Area.
Thanks  ???


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Those sound like pretty good quotes to me.  I had my rear replaced 7 years ago for about $1500 with a TrueTrac upgrade.  The most important thing is that you take it to a shop with a good reputation for doing these repairs.  My regular mechanic gave up on these things years ago and referred me to someone else.

By the way, i am way happy with how the TrueTrac performs in my 4x2 truck.


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Thanks for the info
This place has a good reputation for good work at a reasonable price
They seem like good folks too, no pressure and honest