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Raced A 2500


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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
I am curious about this.

I was at a red light yesterday and next to me was a new silverado 2500HD. His bed was empty and it was being driven by a young guy.

When the light turned green, we both started to go. as we hit 20 mph, he floored it and so did I. He originally was slightly ahead of me. We went for about an 1/8 of a mile and my 5.3 AV kept up and was even pulling on him.

I do not know what motor he had but I was curious if I should have done better or is the 2500HD a good challange.

Good for you XRover! Those of us with the 5.3's needs to let the rest of the world were no pushovers. The Av's with 2500's already know they are a force to be reckoned with.
I love these...off the line..take em' out stories...congrats :cool:
Here's another one.

I caught up to a couple in a Mercedes SLK roadster. They had been zooming from light to light. Finally we were both side by side at a red. a 1/2 mile of open road lay ahead.

The kid in me said "Rev the engine" but I have out grown that. I went with the more mature voice in my head.

As we both were sitting at the light, the driver looked at me and for some strange reason my gas pedal reved a little. The light went green and I accelerated normally.

The mercedes convertible floored it so I let the kid in me drive. As I hit second gear I was just admiring their front license plate.

The kid in me yelled out HA HAA !!!
Prior to purchasing the AV I test drove a 1500HD crew cab shortbed. It has the 6.0 like the 2500HD. The 1500HD with the 6.0 is definitely faster than the 1500 AV. More horsepower, more torque, about 400 to 600 pounds lighter. Even if you had 4.10s you will probably loose. Put it in tow/haul for a litter more sport. Sorry.
Me again. Prior to purchasing the AV I had an 89 k1500 extended cab short bed 4x4. At 13+ years age and 105,000 miles with the 5.7 and 3.42s it was faster off the line, faster to 60, and pulled harder from 60 than my AV. It was bone stock (down to the GM exhaust). The AV has too much weight.
Okay, since we have a couple of stories going here, here goes . . .. ..

I was coming around the twisty part of a highway that skirts around a small city when a small Honda sputnik slam machine thingy that sounded like a chainsaw came up next to me in the left lane for a few seconds. Next thing I know, he punches it and begins to accelerate ahead of me. (Now, anyone that knows this part of the road, knows to be careful in the left lane on this particular curve, due to the waviness of the road. It can make a lot of vehicles unstable.) So he hits the wavy patch, bounces up in the air, then uses up his 3 hairs of ground clearance, smashing down into the pavement. Next thing I see . . . . . .. lets see, meet Mr. Tailpipe Stub, Mr. Muffler, and while we're at it, Mr. Intermediate Pipe. It looked like his whole exhaust system bailed out from under the car. Next thing I know, I'm dodging pieces of this stuff, wildly flying all over the road. (I was REAL lucky that none of it hit my Av.) The guy quickly slows down and drops out of traffic. I don't know if he thought he rescue any of the scraps or what.

Oh, well. . . . good for a few laughs anyway.