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Radio Problems



Hello All,
I have a 2002 North Face Avalanche, and recently encountered a small problem. I'm @ 8,000 miles, and the CD seems to have malfunction. Everytime I put a CD into the in dash CD player, it takes about 30 seconds to start playing, if at all. Some CD's just won't play, and some get an "err". A majority of these CD's are in pristine condition, and play on my other car ('02 Mini Cooper) perfectly. I cleaned the player (with a cleaning CD), and sprayed some air into the openning. I haven't had a CD play correctly in months, and my Chevy dealer is too far to just check the CD player (waiting for the 15,000 mile service). Any suggestions? Please let me know, thanks!

It's sounds like your CD player has given up the ghost. Whenever you do get a chance to return to the dealer I'd call them first, tell them about the CD player and make sure that they have one before you go. (No reason to go twice)
I had experianced this same problem in my wifes Yukon so I decided since it wasn't working right anyway I would perform surgery. I removed the CD player, removed the outer case and discovered my son (3yrs. old ) was using it as a piggy bank. :C: It would sometimes play sometimes not, I guess dependant upon where bumps and jars would leave the coins positioned. Well any way I removed them, fabricated a pin to pin harness extension, cleaned the unit and tried several CD's. Returned it to it's home and have not had a problem since. Do you have young ones??? Also have heard of people with CD burners at home copying there own and not getting the labels on all the way allowing a piece of this to remain in the player. It's really not hard to access but is worth looking to see if somehow something has entered it (a BUG?) if not you are still planning the dealer trip just leave out the part of you being the CD tech when you talk to him >:D!
NorthFaceInDC, they're are known issues with the head units used in the 2002 Av. The dealer should just swap out h/u's with you.
I had this same problem that I was able to fix and by unpluging the HU. You need to remove the bezel, put it in 1st gear and the steering wheel all the way down then start at the corner by the stereo and just pull it off, There are two clips on either side of the stereo that will allow it to be pulled out and the plug is on the back side. Hope this helps.
I have an 02 Z66 and I am having the same problem, I guess I will be seeing the dealer along with a printout of this thread to see what can be done :mad:

Big Dog
there is a recall on the radio. if cust complains about a radio problem the dealer is suposed to just chang them. they say its a internitent problem that wont be ablke to duplicate.
Ok, time to call the dealer. My HU has had an episode of the "Clock Loses Time" show and now refuses to play CDR's (I keep CDR's in the Av & the originals at home).

This is the first "real" problem I've had (just over 3K miles) .


I just wanted to thank everyone for the help.

I called the dealer, informed them of my problem, and they stated it would be a couple of weeks. LUCKLY, I just recieved a NICE bonus at work, and on wednesday I'm putting an in dash TV & DVD player, and custom subwoofer built-in in the center console.

Again, thanks all. Enjoy the trucks!

=Danny= :B:
I have a '02 Z71 AV.....had exact same radio/cd problems. Dearler ended up replacing the entire radio unit. Said the first one was defective upon close inspection.
Good luck! :cool: