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Radio switch 07 in 03


Full Member
Mar 27, 2007
Hey everyone,
I have another question since you guys were so helpful with my last one. I wanting to buy a 07 radio that came out a avalanche that is on eBay. Does anyone know if it will fit my 03. I have the single CD wanting to upgrade. I know I will probally have to get it recoded but that will be fine if it will fit. Thanks
Even if you could, the 07 Denso radios are for GM-LAN vehicles and won't communicate on the 03's class II bus, unless there's some secret document and a dual interface that I hadn't heard of yet! :2:

Sell it and get one for your 03..

Single CD (basic) systems can have a retrofit nav but the audio is a bit low. An aftermarket amp will fix that.

Contact J P Customs and see if he has a configuration that will work out for you. (New equipment.)
Thanks for the info. I put a bid on the 07 radio, but I didn't get it anyway! So that was a good thing.