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Raffle Drawing-ITEMS ONLY (NO posts, thank you.)


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Mar 29, 2002
San Antonio, Texas
Please allow this thread for me to post prizes... I will start a new thread for comments​

Raffle prizes for Nationals 09 in San Antonio Texas :B:

2 of his light panels and AV plates (from chadstr)



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100 piece roadside emergency safety kit  :cool:
(donated by:  Old No.7 Avalanche )

Don't be stranded with a disabled vehicle without an emergency road and safety kit ever agian. This is a must have item to have while on a road trip, camping or simply just a drive to your local store because you never know what can happen while on the road. This Bell Automotive 100 Piece Roadside Emergency Safety Kit provides you with the peace of mind that you will be prepared to help yourself and others in unexpected roadside emergencies. The Bell Automotive 100 Piece Roadside Emergency Safety Kit contains all the essentials for fixing the most common highway problems and comes in a convenient carrying case. Currently Available in blue only. Makes a great gift!

Each Kit Contains:
10 Gauge / 8' Booster Cable
Tire Sealant - 14 oz
Flashlight + 2 x D Batteries
Cable Ties - 25 Pcs
Help Sign
Knit Gloves
Tie Down - 24"
Space Blanket 


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2 of the WELL KNOWN Vetman Flag cases (compliments of Vetman)



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A set of Avalanche Fender Flares

All Bushwacker products come with a limited lifetime warranty and are constructed from DURA-FLEX, an exclusive, high impact, low temperature thermoplastic. DURA-FLEX offers flexibility and strength to help retain the flares original shape even in the most extreme weather and road conditions.


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Thank you Supermobile

2 Music CDs have been donated  (y)

The cd is available for purchase on his website www.avalancheandaccessories.com  :cool:
Wow... I am not even sure what to say about the Raffle Prize that just came to my door  :needhug:

SamHouse III, I think you have out done every item I have for this year.

I will post pictures soon  :love:
Due to the UNIQUE quality of this item, it will be auctioned rather than raffled  :cool:

Thank you again, SamHouse  :B:


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Thank you Moddess 
These are from the FIRST SPOT registration but trAV donated them to raffle.
It will be a set of 10 in case of a break and the covers are red.

Sail Panel Light Set

LW-x-12VDC Wired LED
LED with 3 foot long 30ga. stranded wire
Built-in resistor for 12 Volt DC operation (9~14.8 range)
Made with our brightest 30 degree Viewing Angle LEDs, Black nylon panel Mounting Bezel included


  LED Lens Mount
Plastic Lens Mount for 5mm LEDs
Increases viewing angle to 180 dregree
Snaps in 0.25 inch diameter, up to 0.125 panel thickness
Available in Clear or Red


Thank you Mrs. Old #7 Avalanche

She is donating some Arbonne products. 



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I just received a HUGE box of items for our Raffle from REGION III!

I am going to take pics and get the items posted...

The first item is the Dale Jr shirt, it is a 'track shirt' and can ONLY be purchased at a race  :cool:


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Next our a few nice hats! 

The Purdue hat: This is a symbol to the home of MANY of our astronauts!


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Travel mug (that can be plugged in to keep those beverages warm) and toy AVY  :B:

75 piece roadside assistance kit.

MR CLEAN kit  (y)


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Donated by REGION VI

(3) 12inch purple neon sticks
(1) package of (2) 6 inch purple neon sticks


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