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Rap Artist Nelly's EXT, 12/01/02 Portland Oregon


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
Spotted his sweet Cadillac EXT parked up on a transport dolly being towed behind his tour bus in downtown Portland.

It is a easy to spot bt the logos and bigger than life images on the sides.

The decal on the tailgate read "Official after hours party vehicle" or something to that effect. I will post the images in the EXT folder as soon as I get them downloaded.

He had some nice rims and tires too. I couldn't tell if they were 20's or larger. I couldn't hang around to ask and am sure they were too busy to answer my questions. Would have loved to see the inside and know if what other mods he had done so far.
pdxkevin said:
Was this the first Celebrity Tag?

Was it also the first EXT tag?
It may be the first celebrity tag , but not the first EXT tag.
I have tagged and talked to 3 EXT owners so far
I have tagged 6 EXT's 2 in Portland 2 in Boise 1 in La Grande and 1 in San Antonio, TX