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Re: ARCHIVED: New Members Say Hello & Post Here First

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Jul 11, 2002
Hello I'm A Proud Owner Of A 2002 Summit White Chevy Avalanche Z71 and would like to know what people are running 0-60 STOCK?

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Here is a picture of my Avalanche. Blue Strobes in headlights and turn signals. Mirror lights are also blue. Air horn. Pioneer 6 1/2's in each door.


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at first i was getting a 0-60 run at around 11 seconds... but the avalanche it tricky... and i got her down like a artwork.. 0-60 for me is now a slick 10 seconds.. and if lucky a late 9 second... readings provided by my school sherif mike. ;D


Congrats and welcome to the club... just watch out for the mod bug, well actually maybe it's already too late for you. :rolleyes:
Welcome Strobin! ;)

Good start to the mods so far. Stick with Pioneer, definitely good stuff :love:.
Come join us in the Av forum if ya need any help/suggestions for the rest of your system.
Welcome stobin_Av....you don't happen to have a brother that goes by Goo on this board do ya?.. ;D..enjoy the wealth of information to be found on this site...and trust me there is nothing in the world like us anywhere else on the web.... :B:
Welcome and it looks like you need no help getting started modding! Has anyone gotten a reply from Chief lately? :cautious:
Welcome to the Club, I usually warn about the Mod bug but sometimes it bites before someones first post...Oh well, keep on MODDIN' :B:
Welcome sir!

I'm new too... Great folks here!

(Definitely MUCH BETTER than The GM Truck & Sport Utility Performance Forum)

... Really

... These guys here are so nice, they would probably pitch in to make your next AV payment... hehe :-X

... Just Kidding

... (Yes I know... I must activate Donation Button for my Overzealous behavior... the AV made me do it... Really!)... >:D >:D >:D
Would all newbies intent on introducing themselves or announcing the arrival of their Av please post here instead of starting individual posts.
Thank you
:) OK ZimmsAV, I'll start. I bought a 2003 red Z71 yesterday. I finally decided the combination of interest rates and rebates, combined with GMS pricing, made it ok for me. The Av has the full boat leather seats, XM radio, DIC, steering wheel controls, dual auto climate control, trailering equipment, Z71 and white letter tires. I think that's it from the sticker, I don't have it handy right now.

The dealership here in Omaha, NE was easy to work with, no hassles and was even able to offer some local financing that allowed me to use the full $2k rebate, on top of the GMS price. Even tho the interest rate was a bit higher, the rebate still lowered the payments as well as lowered the price that I pay sales tax on, so it saves me overall this way. There are still some 2002's left in the area, but lots of 03's are showing up now. There is even a fairly loaded red 2002 Z71 on one dealer's used car lot; it has 13k miles and they were asking $30k for it. For the difference in price I preferred to go with the new 03 and the improved content.

I've driven my Av about 150 miles so far and love it. Things I like: ride, handling, acceleration, Bose stereo, seating. It's a good cruiser. My wife also loves the ride and the drive (yes, I let her. I even let my 18-yr old son drive it, too).

Things that could be improved: power window switches - I don't like those push down/pull up type switches. They're too easy to bump with your hand inadvertently. Also, the buttons for the seat heaters are easy to accidentally hit when you're using the window buttons. And GM still lags for convenience by not putting the cruise control on the steering wheel. :cautious:

Other than that, I don't have any complaints to speak of. The power folding mirrors are nice for parking as our two-car garage isn't overly wide. I've still got a lot of the manual to get through, I haven't mastered all the radio controls yet.

Oh yeah, I've already completed my first mod - the rear seat headrest detent mod. I'm pretty tall and keep the front seat nearly all the way back. Pulling out the rear headrests when folding the seatback down means I can use the midgate without having to move my seat forward some.

Orange DRL's are yet to come! :D
I've been lurking :cool: here for 6 months or so. The site has really been great in helping me decide what I wanted. It was a primary reason I waited for an '03 instead of picking up one of the remaining '02s.
Welcome aboard MAB, you've come to the right place, let me introduce you to our accessories manager and our addiction counselor. ;) ... you'll find that we like pictures, so when you get some good ones post them for us to see.
I am brand new to the club, happen to find this site by accident and boy am I glad. The information on this site has been a tremendous help and has helped with my decision to get an AV. Just went to the dealership on Saturday (10/05/02) and ordered my 03 AV Z71 in Red. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Test drove three of them and I am very impressed with this vehicle. I just came out of a Chevy 1500 Conversion van (Explorer X Package). I do have some questions on Mods, but trying to search through out the site to get info. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I am mainly interested in changing the wheels (but keep the same tires), a Corsa Exhaust tip, Back up sensor, and back up alert. Not sure if I need that yet. Also, trying to find info. on the DRL's is it really a club requirement? Thought I read that some where. I would like to know if there are any other requirements.



If there is a local club in Long Island, New York please let me know.
Welcome to the club Talio.The amber DRLs are'nt required but they do look good though.We had a thread a while back about an official CAFCNA handshake and the ambers kinda became a way to tell if an owner of an Av had been here.Your questions on various mods can best be answered by using the search function,just be sure to reset the amount of days from the past 7 days to 300 for more results.Once you find a thread with a particular mod that you have a question about you can post in that thread to get the best response.Good luck and have fun modding.
Welcome to the club Talio, know you will enjoy your new AV - the DRL's are an option, many think they look cool swapped to the Sylvania 4157/3157 NALL ambers, that also last much longer. ;D
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