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Jan 17, 2002
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Welcome to the best Avalanche site on the interent. CAFCNA is a large group of owners and lovers of the Chevy Avalanche. Since you are reading this we presume you are interested in buying an Avalanche. Well many were like you before and asked questions.

This section was created for new buyers to become informed Avalanche buyers. Tons of questions have been asked so please search, scroll through but try to find an existing thread about your concerns and add to it....members here will answer as we love to talk about the Avalanche.

In this section you will find reviews, dealer information, pricing, rebates etc

If you do not find a thread which is on topic with your question then by all means start a new thread.

We have other sections which also have information about the Avalanche so your questions may have been asked there; so please look in these other sections as well.

We hope you enjoy your experience here.

Thanks from the moderator staff.
Attention Members ...

Please use the forum
Search button to see if there is an EXISTING appropriate topic for you to post in BEFORE creating a new one. This will help us group all of the related information and advice together making it easier for members trying to find it.

You should change the MAX days from the default of 7 days to something like 90 or more days if you don't find the information you seek at first. We have been around since January 2002 and lots of the questions coming up have already been discussed and answered.

Thank you and enjoy the site ;D
There is a lot of information so do not be afraid of searching for it.....

This site was formed back in January 2002.......and we have grown since so lots of information to be found.....

Good Luck
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