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Rear brake squeak with light pedal pressure


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Sep 23, 2005
I have an 05 w/ 45K on it.  The rears squeak if I lightly press brake pedal. If I apply more pressure, it goes away. Had the rotors and pads inspected...both are good.  Anyone have this problem or know what it is from?

How about a fix for this major annoyance? I hate hammering then brakes so id doesnt squeak and its embarrasing for a $30K truck to sound like that at stop lights!
I'd look for another inspection.  Gouges in the rotor, ridges on the pad, rust - ann highly likely candidates.
some things to have checked

Excess Dust
Glide pins lubricant
Parking brake shoes
Caliper piston sticking
Pad wear guide damaged
bad or glazed pads
excessive rotor rust build up
not enough driving
You can check some of those things but most likely there is nothing wrong with them. You can look at getting some pads made from a different material less prone to squeaking but you cheaper pads that are more common have this issue. In fact I think if you pick up the current Popular Mechanics someone asked this same question and their Auto Guy said that when they banned asbestos materials in the brake pads that this had become pretty common. There are some things that may help such as lubing the guide pins and some shims that can be added that help but it is not going to hurt anything and it is not a safety issue just because they sqeak a little.

Just don't oil the rotors and pads  ;)
I have similar issue.  Just put on SSBC Short Stop rotors and Hawk (I think)  pads on the rear.  Now it's like a "sticky" type feel and sound in the last inch or two of travel, just before full stop.  Plus, like you described, a very very high pitched squeal under light to moderate pressure.  They're broken in now, w/ approx 150 miles urban & highway stop & go.  I've been doing my own brakes for years and have never had this happen before.  Any guesses out there?