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Rear Door Squeak


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Jun 29, 2003
Howell, MI
The left rear door has a nasty squeak when opened or closed sometimes. I've sprayed white grease on all the hinges and pulled the grommet off the close-stop and sprayed that well, too. Still squeaking at times. Any other suggestions? Oh, and yes, I'm out of warranty.
Get a stethescope from Pep boys and listen for it so you can pinpoint better...
Also have the door check link inspected - mine actually made a grinding sound before they were replaced.

Mine are whisper quiet opening and closing. But when at going down the road, the passanger side rear door sounds like it is open a crack or that the window is down slightly. Nothing to rearly worry about just a petty nuisance.
my front driver's door squeaked. After the white grease failed to fix it, the service department replaced the hinge. Doesn't help you as you're out of warranty, just wanted you to know you are not alone. Sorry, no suggestions for you except replacement based on my experience. Maybe there is some kind of adjustment that someone knows of.

good luck.
since you have greased/ lubricated all the possibles check this out...

open your door slowly. make sure the squeak can be heard when opening/ closing the door. then check at the top, leading edge of the door. right where there is the 90 degree angle of the door you should see a rubber seal. what i think is happening is the door edge is rubbing this seal. thus, causing the squeak you hear. mine does it on the rear left door as well. took me some time to figrue it out. for some reason it does not do it all the time. let me know what you find.
Both, the left and the right rear door stops, in the center ,between the hinges, were squeaking like an old iron gate. Took it to the dealer three times, and they said the correct it by greasing the roller just inside the door (behind the rubber grommet). Well, that lasted about 3 days each time since the roller was just sliding on the grease instead of rolling.
The Dealer ordered replacements and discovered they have been redesigned! No more creaking or squeaking. ;D But I did notice that the new designed door stops don?t hold the door in the open position as well as the original ones did. :(

Hope this helps!

Dirk :B:
After my debacle with the front door, I finally just sprayed some good old WD40 on the lower hinge. Wouldn't you know it, two check links, one door panel, and a dented door later the simple, do-it-yourself fix is the one that worked :8: :rolleyes:

WD40 wouldn't necessarily be my first choice, but the white stuff just doesn't penetrate.

Never will I go to the service department again for a door squeek.

Good luck!