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Rear Doors Problem


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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
I have just noticed a problem with the rear doors on my truck. There is a horizontal bar which is mounted to a bracket on the door frame via a pin. the other portion of the bar goes into the door. This setup is located in between the upper and lower door hinges. When the door is opened and closed, this bar is rubbing on the inside of the door and has ground the paint off the bar. I can also feel the door binding when I am openning and closing it. The paint on the bar has been ground off and I can even see metal shavings coming off of it. This is happening on both rear doors. The front doors which use the same setup are working fine.

Anybody else have this problem? :eek:
The piece you're referring to is called a check strap. There is a service bulletin out on this. The fix is a new check strap that is made of plastic that won't bind or rub. Take it to the dealer and tell them you want the new check straps.
I've got the same problem...hadn't noticed it . Thanks for the heads up n the service bulletin.
Is this inside the door? I just went out and took a look and did not see anything. Do I have to remove the rubber boot that is has around it? How long have you had your Av? Maybe one of those bugs they had on the first Av's that came out
I have had mine for 2 months. If you look at the check strap which goes between the door frame and into the fwd. portion of the door you might see that the paint on the check strap is ground down
This must of been a problem with the earlier models. I got my Av. late in Aug. and it has plastic straps on all four.
The problem I am haveing with the right rear door is that the weather striping rubs alot when it is opened. It hasn't showen any ware so far but it is not the same as the other doors.
Roger how does the door line up when closed?

Are the gaps around it uniform?

It may need to be adjusted. ???

Do the seals squeek or do you see wear? Try lubing the seals with a water based tire dressing like 303, zaino tire dressing, eagle one concurs satin tire protectant.