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Rear Seat Cargo Deck Group Buy

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Jan 16, 2002
Lake Dallas, Texas
The group buy is now closed. Many thanks to all who participated!

Here are the details on the group buy:

Rocky mountain accessories and the manufacturer have graciously offered members of CAFCNA the rear cargo deck for $140, which includes shipping. This is a limited time and quantity offer. The time limit ends on 4/18/03, or when the number of commitments reaches 30 decks.

If you would like more information on the Cargo Deck here is the website: http://home.ix.netcom.com/~teweaver/

You can also visit the thread on our Forum: Cargo Deck -- A MUST HAVE INTERIOR ACCESSORY

To participate, you will need to email me at sabermaster@thesaberworks.com and provide the following details:

I must have this information to hold your deck. It is a first come first serve deal. I will edit the bottom of this post daily with the numbers of people who have committed. Once I receive your email, I will reply with confirmation, and will provide you details on how to purchase your deck.

When ordering your Cargo Deck you will need to know which hinge configuration your AV has (there are two different configurations). Information on hinge configurations can be accessed at the website above or click here: ?http://home.ix.netcom.com/~teweaver/Add%20Info.htm

The number of decks sold as of 4/18/03: 18

Dude, what is it?

What does it do?

$140 ?

Seems to cover the area behind the seats when they're down right? If that's what it does, then why not cover the whole area?

Why do I need that? I must be missing something... Nevermind... Just saw the thread... I'll pass... Maybe a rubber coated piece that fit the whole area would be nice...


I'm in! I just sent you an email with my info.

Thank you for all of your effort to put this group buy together!

This is a group buy and it's still $140?
This is a pretty cool product, and I'd like to own one, but I personally think this item is overpriced, even at the group rate.

Just because we own expensive trucks doesn't mean we can't wait to spend more money than necessary.

I'm not trying rain on anybody's parade, but....
In response to Avalanche_XXX,

You are correct in that it is not necessarily inexpensive. However, you do get what you pay for. If a piece of plywood suits you, great!

For some of us, we would rather have something that looks and acts like a factory piece, offers non slip surface, conforms to the seat backs and hinges, and can be stowed in the window holder. Personally, I thought this was missing from the Av a month after I picked mine up from the Chevy dealer back in December of 2001.
The group buy offers the club a nice break on a great item, that many of us would pay full price for anyway, and of course, the manufacturer has to make a profit as well. He is also considering becoming a site sponsor, which directly adds a benefit to CAFCNA and all its members. This being said, this particular thread is for the group buy, not to discuss the perceived merits or detriments of the product. Please go to Cargo Deck -- A MUST HAVE INTERIOR ACCESSORY to voice your opinions.


I just got off the phone with Scott to order the cargo deck. He said he may try to ship it today but will most likely be Monday. He was kind of suprised to start to get the orders already.
You guys were supposed to hang loose until I notified you.
But.........no sweat ;D
I sent out PM's with instructions to those who used PM instead of email, and I will have the email sent tonight. If you did send me a email, you can go ahead and call Scott, since I faxed the list of commmited buyers to him. If you did not send me a email, don't bother calling, you will get charged the full price. I am compiling another list for the next group, which will be submitted at the end of the group buy period.
I did wait till I got the go ahead. I just happened to be on the site when I got the PM. I called right after I got the message. Thanks to Guy for all the hard work on this.
Since you emailed me, you will get the email I mentioned tonight. But like I said, you can call Scott since I confirmed your request when you sent it to me.
Ordered mine yesterday - talked to Scott - he said he would try to get it out Fri. can't wait for the deck to come.

Thanks to Ahhnuld - great job!
I got mine via UPS yesterday. It does not lay flat on the passenger side, because the indentations in the product do not conform exactly to the contours of the seat back. The gap between the product and the seat back is half an inch or less.

To the company's credit, they called me back immediately after I left a message of complaint. They offered my money back, too. But they also said that after a while the combination of load weight and cabin heat would help the product fit better. So I will let it go, hope they are right, and try to remember that my AV is a truck, not a Porsche. So I shouldn't expect every part to fit within .0002 microns.

But I do think the manufacturer should review his mold.
Hey Capfasurf,
One thing to keep in mind is that I have found that my passenger seat does not lie exactly like the drivers side, especially with the front seats pushing back at different points, due to seating positions. My passenger rear seat (the 40 side) lies more flat than the drivers (60 side), so I could see where we have a slight conforming issue. If I place anything that has some weight to it on the deck, it does not have any gaps and lies flat. Of course anytime I have the deck down, it will be because I am carrying struff on top of it, otherwise, it rides in the window sill.
Hope this helps,

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