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Rebate For March?


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Jan 31, 2003
Sherrills Ford, NC
Hello all. I need some info if anyone knows. My WBH that I ordered will be made 3/3/03. So I will not have a VIN# in time for this months 4K rebate. I can go on the dealer locator and find one close to what I want and lock the 4K rebate today. I really would like to wait for mine to come in ( about 3 weeks), but I hate to give up a couple thousand for nothing. Does anyone know what GM will put out next month. (March 1st) Thanks
This probably doesn't help much, but when I picked up my new one last week, the salesman told me that he thought the rebate would most likely drop back to 2500-3000. The dealers around here don't get the new updates until March 1.
I just bought mine two weeks ago. Salesman told me that the large rebate was to clear out inventory of the AV's with the body hardware to make room for the WBH ones. They were expecting them to be in high demand when they started to arrive.

Seems some people out there actually do not like AV's with all the hardware :cry:

I like them with the extra hardware. Gives it that Sci-Fi look! ;D

This dealership was also doubling the rebate by knocking 4K off the sticker price as well for a total of 8K off. That was the dealmaker that made me decide now was the time to make the plunge and get my AV.

Anyway, that?s what I had heard. Do not know if there is any truth to it or just a sales pitch from the salesman to persuade me to buy.

Well I am going to stay with the one that I ordered. Could not find any with the 4:10 gears. Hope it was not a $4K loss. Just wait and see. P.S. Does anyone know who makes the step bars that are on the Z71 Tahoes and Burbs? I am going to put a set on my WBH when it gets here. Would like to find a set used, but have not seen any yet.