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Red Z66, KFC, Chandler AZ, Dec. 8, 2002


Full Member
Apr 18, 2002
Chandler, AZ.
I was coming out of a KFC after picking up some food for the family on Sunday night, and I noticed a Red Z66 parked to the left and behind our SOM Z66.
I clicked off the alarm and of course, the Line Of Fire lit up.
The gentleman coming out of the restaurant behind me, saw the lights, and asked if I could hit the alarm again and show him the lights.
I explained the LOF to him and gave him a little run-down on the club and handed him a brochure stored in the glove box.

He said he has had his AV since August of 2001, and was extremely pleased with it, especially how smooth it was on the road.

Hope to see him here on-line sometime.

Malcolm (aka - The Wifes Av)