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Redline Synthetic ATF


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Apr 8, 2002
Sacramento, California
Good Morning Everyone,
Ok, here's my question for today.
Has anyone out there used Redline Oil's High Temp ATF transmission fluid? For those of you all not familiar with Redline, it's a reputable company, I just haven't used their transmission fluid yet.
The High Temp ATF is supposed to be a direct replacement for Dextron III.
No, but I used Royal Purple's Max ATF. It should work out about the same...it's great....expensive but great.
I have heard really good things about RedLine lubes... I have some extensive experience with RP, but not RedLine... I am considering dumping/flushing the rear diff and doing it up RedLine style although!


p.s. ... If you look on RP's site at their dyno sheets, all those were run in my presence here in AZ ... >:D

The MORROW chart is an F150 4x4 4.6 with a Wynjammer blower... I think it was a 1997 ...

I have been using the RedLine Auto Trans Fluid,
differential lube, and transfer case fluid
for 50k in my Land Rover. It seems to be
a great line of lubes.

I have had smoother shifting, and reduced
gear whine (straight cut transfer case gears).

I have heard the engine oil is not as good, so
I am only using that in my lawnmower, to see
how it holds up...

marc_w said:
Any problems with mixing Synthetic ATF with standard Dextron III? ?(is Dextron, Dino oil?)

The things that I've read say it's ok, but of course "we reccomend for optimal performance that you flush the entire system...." you get it. For me if I'm gonna spend the money I'm gonna do all 11.2 qts. I actually bought 5 gallons of Royal Purple Max ATF and double flushed the system with a T-Tech machine.
Thanks Ed...

Sorry I kind of worded that post weird - You caught what I was getting at though!

I was trying to ask whether it was okay to mix synthetic ATF with dino ATF, for those who missed it. :) I've heard that's a no-no when it comes to engine oil.
Is there anyone out there who has put synthetic into the tranny of their Avalanche? Now I'm wondering about Mobil 1 ATF.