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Removal Of Sunroof Wind Deflector



Does anyone have any advice on how to remove a sunroof wind deflector without damaging the vehicle paint? The deflector was mounted using 3M double-sided adhesive tape.

And, by the way, I will be selling the deflector after it is removed. It is 60 days old, and in perfect shape. I park under several large trees, and the leaves get lodged under the deflector, and fall into the truck when the sunroof is opened. Just doesn't work for me.
I just put the deflector on my fathers brand new Bonneville SSE. It didn't come out that good. No fault of my own its just that it doesn't look as good on his car as it does on other cars. I tried to take it off but to no avail. It looks like it will be staying there awhile until I find out how to safely remove it. I guess I have the same problem as you
There is a thread on dealer badge removal and should be helpful.

You can try a goo be gone stuff with dental floss or a thin plastic tongue depresser thingy. Look for the thread it has the info you are looking for.