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Removing dash


Full Member
Jan 24, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
I'm expecting my rear view video system and I need to know how to remove the dash so I can hardwire the monitor..This doesn't seem to be too difficult..Anyone Please....
Which model/year??  I know on ones with the ashtray you can open it and pull on the lower right corner of the bezel to pop it off..
Thanks for the reply..I have an '04 Z71, with the standard Bose system.  Everything else is like anyother AV's dash..I know there's a trick to removing the dash cover...any help would be appreciated..Thanks again.
Try starting the in the lower right corner with your fingers and pull, the rest will follow as you go around..  To totally remove it, you need to lower the steering whell all the way down, turn key to the start position, leaving foot on brake ( dont start) and put gear shifter all the wat down into low.. Bezel will slide out after it is popped all the way around.. 
Hope this helps