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Removing The Side Molding On A WBH


Full Member
Sep 15, 2002
Is it possible to remove the side molding strip off a WBH with the wheel flare and molding package? I like the flares but hate the strip!
Sure. It's held on with 3M double-sided tape. Get some 3M adhesive remover. All I've ever done is carefully work an end loose and then start pulling. I've never tried the fishing line, but another method is to "saw" behind it with fishing line to get it loose from the adhesive then use the 3M remover to get off the residue.
Hey Cuda,
If I decide to go through with the removal process, Ill put them in the classifieds here first. Ill sent you a note if I do.
What year Cuda? My fav car ever!!! Got any pics?