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Repairs Done, Time To Mod!


SM 2003
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Sep 23, 2002
oh yeah... repairs on my truck are done and it's count down time till when i get it back. (feb14th)

so... i got my truck some new goodies.. whatcha think?

for starters i got a new billet gas cap.

a polished stull grille. (gonna be a project in it's own, going no mesh style)

i also got a few bowties... one polished billet, and one is painted, and the last is got cool graphics.

i know these next thingsshould be in the performance forum... come on... we all love to look at mods right?

but yeah the engine needed to be juiced up.


also going to try this out

and i got 4 Pirelli scorpion zero, 305/40/22

why? to wrap them on my italian imports >:D

eh, i got some more to come... like chrome handles in and out and a new "custom"cluster. so whatcha think?


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Lets see pics of the hole AV now I want to see what it looks like did you change any thing???
Looks good Big red. You'll have to tell us how the tornado works after a while.
Dude....you hit the lottery or something?

Way to dump the entire paycheck in one fail swoop.

Interested in knowing how the tornado and cool air intake help with performance.
glad to hearhyour trucks fixed mods look great but send the tornado back tried it dosent work
I tend to agree.

The tornado might have been (read might) have been of some value in the days of carb'd motors, but will do nothing in a FI motor.

Invest in a Whipple! >:D

a supercharger and intercooler sound nice.. can you twin turbo these things? wait wait... maybe i need a bigger engine... the new gmc 12 banger is going to be offered as a crate for 7 grand soon.. now thats a block! >:D

i'll try out the tornado... see how it works... (after i add the rest)

and how can i size down that one photo of the filters? i must have sized it wrong when i was adding the photos?

that all sounds great! i saw a Silverado at the dealer with a billet grill. the first thing i noticed was the stock mesh grill behind it. not sure why it stood out. maybe the billet did not have alot of bars. ??? it wold clean up the look if it was not there (the mesh grill that is). good luck. :B:
Lots of new toys there Bigred.

Lets hope you can keep it looking good for longer then 6 months >:D

Interested to see the custom fender flares....

here are a few photos of some of the new mods.






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I like the billet gascap......whazz a Whipple?

Since you are LOADED.....wanna loan old Sarge some money?

Sarge, notice the last post was in 03? Now look at his "sig pic" and see that the truck is now lifted 9.5 inches? I'm sure he won't mind the bump in the thread, to relive the 1st incarnation of his truck!!

And to answer your question, a Whipple is a supercharger.