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Replacement Bilstein Shocks For Ford Key Install


SM 2004
Full Member
May 24, 2003
Castle Rock, CO
I really need some help here. I plan on installing Ford Keys to my 2003 Z-71 and would like to replace the Factory Bilstein shocks with ones that will accomodate the additional 2 inches of lift. There are lots of discussions about the possibility of damage to the factory shocks by taking them to the end of their upward travel, but no options for replacing them with a pair of Bilsteins with 2 inches of additional travel.

Anyone have a model number or suggestion?
One more shot - can anyone help with this? Or verify that the stock shock will take a 2" raise without a problem? I have the keys and the coupon for the alignment - but don't want to destroy the factory shock.

I've got a couple thousand miles on mine since I did the Ford Keys 'lift' and haven't noticed any adverse affects with the factory shocks.

I've only been offroading once though, and didn't really push it either...
I would also like to know if there are any longer shocks available. I have the ford keys sitting in my garage but have been a little worried about installing them based on what other members, more knowledgable than me, have said about tearing the shocks apart. I know some have had no problems, but with my luck......

Bilstein's site has the 7100 and 9100 series listed that are availble in different travel lengths but not sure if these would work (or if the ride would be really harsh) for the AV?? Rancho also offers the rsx9000 in both stock travel length and for their 4" lift - again, not sure if this is an option or not.

blew out one of my front bilsteins after one week with the F**D keys  :cautious:

Looking for some replacement options, and possibly a mod to the mounts if slightly longer shocks are unavailable.  Read that a stack of washers at top may work, but would rather fix problem that I have created with shocks that can take the extra 2" closer to topout.

Do what I did... get a set of Rancho shocks... I got factory size for the rear and a set of lifted shocks for the front.  I got the closest ones I could.. which were for a 4" lift which gives me an extra 2"s of travel if needed.  This was from Rancho themselves so I assume it will work.

I will be putting these in next week so I will let ya know.
I don't have a lot of cash, so I will likely only do the fronts.

Where did you order yours from?

Also, am I correct in assuming that install is easy (never replaced shocks before).
Soooooo, What ended up happenning?  What shocks did you get and do they work OK.  I am considering the same mini lift and also have an 03-Z71.