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Reprogramming Suggestion For GM


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Jun 11, 2002
Is anyone else tired of problem A requiring REPROGRAMMING of this and problem B requiring REPROGRAMMING of that? I get a service 4WD error, so what do they do with my Av in the shop for a whole day? REPROGRAM. I have a stereo with no sound now. What are they likely going to do with my Av for another day? Probably REPROGRAM.

Here's an idea :0: How about providing some kind of PC-interface for this apparently-software-driven machine of mine so that I can just connect to a GM software repair website from the comfort of my own home in lieu of having to keep taking my truck in for silly software REPROGRAMMING? :7:

I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever think of this. Any one else think this may ever happen or is at least a good idea in theory?

It's a liability/warranty issue more than anything else IMHO. Also it is a profit center for the dealer >:D j/k!

Geez a reprogramming should not take all day at the dealer. I wonder if that is more of a process problem at the dealership or unclear information from GM.
uh any programming problems to date?
has this issue been resolved?
Yes, I continued to have "programming" issues with my 4WD for almost a year after I started this thread.  I was/am not alone. 
wow,  :eek:
you  are the originator.

that sucks dude. print out this thread and take it the dealer and say hey, im tired of this!!!
rxzruby said:
wow,? :eek:
you? are the originator.

that sucks dude. print out this thread and take it the dealer and say hey, im tired of this!!!

Been there, done that, decided not to lemon it.  Time will tell if that was a good decision.
;D ;Dafter much heart wrenching thinking and meditation,,,,i believe i see a lemon under cover,,,your man in the field abuelito :love: :love: :love:
You could buy your own Tech2 for around $3000! (from SPX-Kentmoore)
Nope! It is the programmer. The variant you may be thinking of is the pass-through where it's live from GM, through the computer, through the Tech 2, to the vehicle. That isn't always needed unless it's specific build data for a specific vehicle. (Like a BCM reprogram.)

Most module programming is just a stand-alone. That's how my amp was programmed for instance.

The Tech 2 comes two basic ways as well as some other variants. The CD based, where it's supported by updates from that media from a PC More for diagnostics only.

Or the version which connects either to GM-SPS via a PC if 93 & newer programming of the module(s) is needed. The more frequent updates are direct from SPS, or just a PCMCIA card version instead. These versions can be purchased with a one-year renewable subscription to SPS.

It's only money!!!

And there's extra memory cards and the like..

BTW, the Tech II can access/prog? etc Ferds, Doged's and other's too..

Call SPX KentMoore and request catalog A7000
It's on page 8 & 9. (Their web site is only an info page at this time.)

It's best to get the details from their catalog directly or call them.. My info is just a glance at it.
I know just enough to be dangerous with it at this point! >:D
I guess I can elaborate a little more on this.

When there's an update that keeps coming our way, or a dealer looks for items that may remedy a fault, they contact GM TIS and enter the vehicle's VIN.

This isn't verbatim, just an explanation of an explanation....
With a Tech 2 freshly updated with the SPS connection, they select the number in the unit that matches the necessary update from TIS, and punch it in.

Below is the example of one of the later UC6 (in an 03) updates that lowers the chime level. If that really helps :E:.

The image expands for a better view; how, depends on your browser.


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FYI, I just recently completed a survey from Onstar, they are thinking of having the updates available, thru Onstar
That's what I kind of expected. More theirs to handle than GM itself.