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Return Of Goo's Trademark Pics

Which is your favorite Trademark Photo?

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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
NOTE: ?These were the photos I took to find an idea/favorite for our reader's rides screen saver ... as most of you know #3 in front of the Menger won. ?I took 4 new ones on page 3 last night to see what my new grille neons would look like ?;D

Here are my new trademark neon pics ... Vote and comment on your favorite. ?I will submit the most popular to the Chief for our website and others ... thanks and happy modding - goo929

ps - will be redoing some of the shots as suggestions come in to improve the lighting, etc.








Great photos Goo,
The wheels look great!! ;D I picked #3 thought the flags in the background where a nice touch. Some of the later pics were just a tad to dark to make out the Av well. Anyway keep the pics coming love them all!! :D :D
SoCalCindy said:
Great photos Goo,
?The wheels look great!! ;D ?I picked #3 thought the flags in the background where a nice touch. Some of the later pics were just a tad to dark to make out the Av well. Anyway keep the pics coming love them all!! :D :D

Yes I agree. I need to invest in some portable lighting to light up my truck. Looks like I might have to shutdown the latenite traffic in front the Alamo again :rolleyes:
Nice looking setup...I would definitely not mistake that truck for any of the other Av's out there....truly an original design..... ;D
Hey Goo,
I like the location of #6
I would do that one again 20 minutes before sunrise. I used to be a professional photographer and 20 minutes before and after sunrise/sunset is called the Magic Hour.

The ambient light outside is enough to show detail on the truck yet is dark enough to get the Neon effect. Also the sky will have a warm effect and if there are any light clouds even better.

To get the shot you want to be shooting BEFORE the sun is above the horizon.

Just my suggestion.
I love #4, it's a Texas thing, the Alamo. You need to light up the truck some more.

Great looking truck (y) (y) (y)
The Alamo shot was the most fun to pull off. We got permission from the Alamo security to shoot but with my hazard lights on. Oops, I must have forgot to turn them on. I had a buddy block traffic for a few minutes while I shot. Those tourists never sleep. Got out of there just as SAPD was coming around the corner ;D

I am going to retry the shot using Xrovers suggestion or with some spotlights and changing the view of the truck about 45 degrees to the driver's side.
I'll take #5 . . .

It doesn't have the 'hot spot' in the lower grill as do some of the others - plus I like the angle of the shot. I'm guessing that the other 'hot spot' on the rear window rear door is a streetlight reflecting in the Zaino -a different location could eliminate that.

I also agree with Xrover - shoot just before sunrise (or after sunset depending on the orientation of things). This will get a bit more light on the truck.

And of course do it in front of the Alamo - very nice touch

Very nice truck - thanks for the photos!

The other reason for the Magic Hour/Beauty shot is that you will have even soft light on the Av with no Hot Spots.......
Nice pics Goo,

I like the shot in front of the Menger.(#3) That's one beautiful building. The Alamo shot runs a very close second! :cool: :cool: :cool:

The Menger. Did you go in and get some ice cream when you were there?
While I really like the Alamo shot, I picked #5. Something just struck chord with me on that one.

I've spent some time in the great state of Texas when I was in the Air Force. Lackland in San Antonio, later up in San Angelo. I had some wonderful times there. It used to be the only state where distances were measured in six packs!! >:D Nice work, Goo...
Ghost said:
While I really like the Alamo shot, I picked #5. ?Something just struck chord with me on that one...

FYI - The location of #5 is the new SA Central Library "The Big Enchilada". It was used in the Selena movie as the site of the Monterrey news conference.
ATTN: ?Members within the FOXNEWS / KABB San Antonio and surrounding broadcast areas ... Be sure to check out my truck on a special old / new car clubs feature tomorrow night (Wed May 15, 9pm CST). ?I will try to get the segment on a format for everyone else to see. ?I pray that the video with the neons came out OK ?;D

UPDATE: oops! it went out on direct tv and the dish network ... hit more people than i was planning on :eek:

Goo, Outstanding, wish I could drive over to see it >:D

I suppose we will have to get you a special dressing room for posts now :cool:
Sweet ride I love the third one. There all nice pics. The flags add the touch of class that we know goo929 is all about. Nice touch :eek:
I know you've been waiting to hear from me, goo, and here's my two bits:

I assume that the pics are lighter than they are showing up on the computer. I like 4 as it expresses the neon better than the others, has a nice background, and it is the good side of the Av.

Sweet ride I love the third one. ?There all nice pics. ?The flags add the touch of class that we know goo929 is all about. ?Nice touch :eek: ?
Thanks. ?Number three is the one that is going to be in our club screen saver. ?I had the photos of it printed with our club URL and our local chapter information on the back for promoting our club. ?The dealerships really like them.

Chasman, yes some of the photos are dark. ?I took them before I learned how properly adjust them and shoot in better lighted scenes.

Oh you are talking about the Alamo shot. Yes! I am definitely going to retake those again. I have to brave enough again and shut down the traffic in front of the Alamo for a couple of minutes. I want to do it using Xrover's time of day suggestion of 20 minutes before and after sunrise/sunset Magic Hour.

?I am looking to shoot some new ones ... soon?;D
I like them all. Perhaps we could start photo albums. Each member could post as many pics as they want of their AV in their own album. My favorite would be no. 4 even though it would be nice if the AV were more visible.
I can't believe this topic has re-surfaced ?;D ?

The forum Search button will do that to you sometimes (shameless plug).
I originally shot them back in early May to get some shooting ideas for the dark photos problem I was having. ?Also, to get the most popular one chosen for our club screensaver and promoting (Yes #3). ?I didn't even think of the Hooters idea back then. ?

I think I remember that member webspace for posting and/or area websites was one of the ideas the Chief had after the last site upgrade. We need to check with him to see if that is still a possibility.

Thanks again.


Do your 20" wheels/tires ever rub? Guys at the shop suggested that size for me as well. Hate all that empty space in the wheelwell!
"My 'Rhine' 20x8.5 wheels by Epic Precision Alloys are wrapped by P285/50R20 Goodyear Eagle GTII tires."

No they don't rub. ?I have that quote ready for quick cut and paste jobs ?I get asked alot ?;D

Took some new photos tonight to show off my new grill neons ?;D

FOXNEWS Shoot Revisited​
click for 800x600 version
Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood​
click for 800x600 version
Lone Star Avalanche​
click for 800x600 version