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REVERSE Lighting On GO-Rhino Hitch Step?


Full Member
May 10, 2003
Cold, Barron North
:eek: Looking for input!! Ordered a "Go-Rhino" hitch step and had a BRIGHT IDEA :0:
-> how about a set of PIAA or similar lights mounted on the hitch step, and plugged in the trailering electrical outlet... HELP/Ideas?? :B:
A buddy of mine put two lights on the back of his suburban below the hitch. He has a switch inside the car to turn them on. His father has the same thing only his is hooked up to come on when he puts it in reverse. He told me that he had it done as Curcuit City. But it is very easy to do yourself.
I built an inexpensive hitch reverse light using parts from Autozone and Home depot. I think it cost about $35 to $40 for all the parts. The trailer reverse light fuse will operate a 55 watt light with no problems.