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Reverse Painting The Hood Guard & Vent Visors


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
Has anyone tried to reverse paint the smoke tinted GM hood guard or vent visors yet? I have a Pewter Z66 and think it would look awsome to reverse paint them to match the AV. I wonder if the tinting will make the paint look to dark?? I would think you could just use a spray can of duplicolor and top it off with some clearcoat but if anyone has done this let me know how it worked out. If you have pic's it would be a big help in deciding if I want to do this.
I have not done this but it sounds like a good idea. I would probably start off with a coat of primer first. That way your not painting over the smoke plexiglass but the primer. Maybe someone who has already done this may be able to give you the proper technique.

Happy Modding ;D

I believe to do this you need a clear bug guard and paint the inside of it to protect the paint on it
HeavyD said:
I believe to do this you need a clear bug guard and paint the inside of it to protect the paint on it
Very true. My last vechile was a Ford (no stones please) and I had a bug deflector and a windshiled cowling. I had a shop paint them. They only painted the outside :rolleyes: Looked like hell sitting in the truck, so I made them paint the bug deflector on the inside (when they did this they really painted the whole thing again so two coats on the front) but I did not push the issue with the cowling or the window visors. This was all white by the way
The window visors were fine, the bug deflector was great, the windshield cowling sucked. I started getting rock chips almost from day one and it looked terrible. So I would go clear and paint both sides, or if you already have smoke, prime and paint twice.
Lucky this time, my Av is black so the smoked works
This is Spooky.

just last night I thought to myself - self, what would think about painting the bug guard and visors to match the AV?

and behold sombody starts this thread. And I thought I was being unique.

thanks for the tips.
I did this on my '90 GMC Sierra. I used a krokus pad (little green pot scrubbing type pads) to lightly buff the back side of both the bug 'flector and the vent visors. Then two coats of color matching paint and a light clear coat for protection. The bug 'flector and vent visors were both clear versions though.

My .02 worth

Stinky Whizzleteats said:

On that same site, the following appears:

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The direct link is:


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