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Reversed Side Bars

Change For A Dollar

Silent Avalanche RIP
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Aug 8, 2002
Nitro, WV
Here is something to be aware of if you have side bars installed on your AV. There IS a difference in the left and right bars. I had ICI's "professionally" installed and thought they looked a little strange, but figured it just must be the way they bolted up. The rubber step areas looked like they were too far forward and the rear of the bars extended out from the body. After taking a handy dandy tape measure, and doing some high tech calculations >:D it was obvious that the bars were installed wrong. I switched them and life is good again. Now for the embarrassing part.....they had been on the AV backwards for a month.
I can't confirm for after-market side bars, but the GM side bars will not line-up correctly unless you have them on the correct side.
I didn't notice anything wrong with them when I saw them either Nascar :2:
If Connie would let you drive the AV more maybe you would have noticed it sooner ;)
I ran down to look at ours. They must have been put on the right way from the get-go. I wish you had a chance to take a photo of the original install.