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Ride Quality



I have a Z66 with 9700 miles and in the past month have noticed a peculiar condition. The best way I can describe the condition is that it is similar to the time when I had a vehicle with a broken rear shock absorber. The ride feels jerky all the time - especially on I95 at speed (any speed). I had the front end aligned two weeks ago, but there was no change to this condition. It also feels like I am being pushed around by the wind (again on I95) - when there is no wind. Doesn't matter if there is a lot of traffic or no traffic at all. My son has a Chevy van with the same condition. Outside of that , this is a great vehicle.

Would appreciate any input on this.

Thanks, Ron
:) Ron, I noticed that our truck seemed to wander pretty bad in high wind and whenever a big rig passed on I10. Then I began to notice a side to side rocking whenever sitting in a turn lane and vehicles would pass on the right at speed.

Then I found the Hotchkis web site. These guys have been working overtime on truck suspenions. Purchased a set of "Blem Suburban" sway bars(they are underneath the truck, what do I care what they look like?) for $395. :eek:

No more sway or wander at speed on the highway, only an 18 wheeler can make my truck shiver in a turn lane now. And this thing will take a corner now. It's much easier to get it to turn into a corner, and once it is set you can suprise quite a few Camaros and Mustangs with its ability to power through a corner. :cool:
Definetly the best bang for the buck.
:B: :B:

Thanks for the good info. Apparently others read your response here. There is interest in a group buy on the Performance site. I signed up for #2248.

As a point of interest, my alignment guy told me to run 40# in my tires. I had been running 35# in them. Today I decided to reduce the pressure to 30# (per the info on the tag in the door jam). The condition I described above didn't seem near as bad on I95. Still not quite right though. Is it possible that it is the Goodyear Wranglers? Judging by your handle, I'm guessing your are in a tire related business. Are these good tires ? I had a problem one time with another truck I bought new with the factory tires. I almost forgot. I blew one of these tires about 7-8 weeks ago. Had to go to Goodyear for a new tire. From all I've read, the factory tires are not the same tires we buy from the dealer. Another possibility?
Thanks again for the response. I think you started something with the group buy. Looking forward to getting set up with the Hotchkis. Will let you know how it is once they're installed.