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Risk Of Tailgate Theft?


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Apr 3, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Just curious, I remember a friend who had a tailgate stolen from his F150 many many years ago?

Is this common? Would this likely be more due to vandalism or theft for resale?

Is locking the tailgate all that's necessary so that it can't be opened to get to the clips and unhinge it?
Are we less vulnerable with the panels in place or does it not matter?

I would think that the theft would be related to the replacement of a damaged tailgate. I have not heard of any similar occurances in my area.
Keeping the gate locked probably negates 99% of the problem. I did notice that McGard (www.mcgard.com) who makes great wheel locks also makes similar locks that replace the tailgate bolts which are removable only with a key. I haven't checked on the compatibility with the Av.