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Road Trip!!!


Full Member
Jun 13, 2003
Orange County, CA
Alright all... in a couple days I take off for Texas to pick up my new '03 Avalanche WBH, and driving it back to California (long story, good deal, don't ask ;) ) Will fly through Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, and Vegas.

So keep a look out for a Naked Pewter Av driving west on I-40... it'll be the one with Amber DRLs and no tags, seemingly speeding and tailgating ;D
I forgot to mention all the looks and comments I got from gawkers :eek: Some highlights....

--"So, that Avalanche easy to use?" - some guy in the Petrified Forest Nat'l Park.

--"There's one of those new Avalanches!" - a guy to his wife at the Venetian in Las Vegas

--"Honey, is that one of those new Cadillacs?" "No, I think it's a Chevy... but I'm not sure" ;D - an old couple at the Venetian .
pdxkevin said:
Yakmar said:
>:D I dont EVER tailgate OR speed!! :rolleyes:

All the other vehicles on the road move over before I get a chance to tailgate... :cautious:

Boy do I know this!! They see my big black lifted AV in their rear view and over they go. I never get chance for them to check out the painted cladding unless I am driving by them >:D