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Rock Chips On Tailgate From Pulling Trailer!


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Apr 30, 2002
Red Deer, Alberta. Canada
I went to the Mountains again this weekend and brought along our motorbike in our trailer. While loading my bike I had forgot to lock down the reciever hitch and the trailer shot up and forward hitting the back of my AV and then down, taking the paint along with it :C:. I got over the pain and had a great weekend, but when I brought my AV to the bodyshop to get a cost I noticed alot of rock chips on the tailgate from the gravel roads. Is their a way to help prevent this from happening?


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I just had an "invisible bra " installed for the front of my Av with which I am very pleased. It is not noticible is guaranteed for life against peeling yellowing and will stop a 1inch stone travelling 70 mph from damaging paint. Mine is the scotchcal product made by 3M.

Have more info if ya need it.

I have that on my AV as well on the front. Mine is across the front and goes about 8" back. I got my mirrors done as well. Does this sound like what u have? I never thought of getting the whole back done! I wonder if it can be done? The lettering on the back might make it tougher. Tks for the idea I will check it out ;D
Do you think the rocks come from the avy rear tires and bounce of the trailer and hit the avy again?
When mine was installed and I was discussing what was to be covered. The technician said he could do the entire truck if I wanted. Seriously considered it for a while. Decided on the first 12" of the hood, fender fronts, painted area on grill, and mirror backs. Very pleased.

ygmn said:
Do you think the rocks come from the avy rear tires and bounce of the trailer and hit the avy again?

That is what is causing it! But how do u help to prevent or minimize? I will be checking into clear bra for tailgate, any other suggestions?
Mudflaps on truck.....Rubber thingy hanging down from front of trailer to absorb energy from bouncing rocks....

OR maybe hang rubber from under tailgate over the trailer so rocks do not bounce up into tailgate....
Does you trailer have fenders (assuming trailer tires outside of the trailer bed) . . if not, the trailer tires may well be throwing rocks at the back of the Av.
Here is a pic of my trailer. Yes it does have fenders, I think the rocks r hitting the front of my trailer and bouncing into my tailgate and chipping it.

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I just want to be the first to say, "Nice Licence Plate!". I also think you need mud flaps. Not wimpy ones either. Big heavy rubber ones. That will help your trailer or any other trailer that you tow. Or plastic laminate might work...but how does it look over time?
I stressed when my tailgate (that I thought was fully closed) opened during travel and hit my fold-up bike rack.
Although not anywhere near the damage you received, there is a chip that goes clear down to the metal. I put a couple of coats of touch-up paint and other than the indentation, you can't tell it is there. My $.02, its a truck, not a sports car. Battle scars add a little character.

Your tailgate is made of PROTEC, not metal. Open the gate, look near the latch part of the gate and you should be able to see the unpainted back side of your tailgate. It will not rust. ;)

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leather, you might want to try a product like this
splash guard
We had the same problem pulling a small trailer out west on vacation. ?We don't pull it that often. ?These big mud guards are ugly, but it says easy install no screws in bumper so maybe you won't have to leave it on. ?I do not have one.

I recently towed a trailer on a gravel road and didn't get one chip in my tailgate, however the front of the trailer is very badly dinged.
I have pulled a trailer since day 1 with my AV. I know the service manual says dont do it during break in, but it is part of my weekend job. I haven't had 1 dent or ding in the tailgate yet. The only difference I can tell is that I also have the GM molded mudflaps on my AV. If that is the only difference, then the mudflaps are your key to less damage to the tailgate. Worth the $65! ;)
I think the mudflaps are the #1 reason as well (y). Thanks to everyone for ur Ideas and suggestions
. I installed my molded GM mudflaps yesterday and tailgate gets re-painted on tues, I will report re: Rockchips after next trip with trailer over gravel roads!