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Mar 20, 2002
I would like to see a matched-gray Roll-N-Lock to integrate with the av's existing bedrails. I wonder if such a beast is in development.

I purchased my Avalanche with the soft tonneau option and want to get a hard cover so I don't have to worry about the bed contents getting lifted. But I'd rather not drop >$1k on the chevy panels.

This looks like a 'midpoint' between the soft and hard covers available on the Av. Probably doesn't provide the security of the hard covers, but looks superior to the Chevy soft cover.

I like the ease with which it can be put on and off. If the Roll-n-lock folks put their mind to it, they could make a good product for the Av - making it easy to remove for example when wanting to open up the back of the truck.
Helped install a Roll and Lock on my Dad's 1500 GMC. I'm thinking it might be a mistake on your Av.

If you wanted to fold the midgate down, it would be hanging there in the way. It also takes up some room at the front of the box so you might be limiting your options. I guess if you never used the midgate it would serve the purpose.

(Just my .01 cent );D

I made the conversion from soft tonneau to hard panels. Best investment I ever made for the AV. It might be expensive, but it is well worth every penny. Just my $.02, but go for the panel conversion.