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Running Board Lights


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Jan 17, 2002
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The more I get in and out at night the more I wish they had lights in the running board. I do not think the light under the outside mirror is enough for those very dark nights.
You could try ricer "neon strips" ;D

Seriously, if XRover can find the BCM trigger - I will talk to the Line of Fire guys about an LED strip in amber or white that could do the job.
gandolphxx said:
Seriously, if XRover can find the BCM trigger - I will talk to the Line of Fire guys about an LED strip in amber or white that could do the job.

g - That would be sweet and geek that I am, have been impressed with the technological leaps the LED industry has made. Can you tell me more about the Line of Fire guys? They could make a bundle manufacturing aftermarket tail/brakelight LED strips for dual-sport motorcycles.

But, I digress... I've been thinking of something similar, but a little more applicable for off-road use along with cargo/backup light floods mounted on the rear sails.


P.S. I know of you from the gm-trucks board (I think) and pretty much flipped when you installed that blower (among other things). But it all started making sense when I saw that you also owned a '98 5.9L ZJ (drool). :p
I like the idea, but worry that this is approaching the "ricer" line, pardon the pun.

Yes that is me on all the boards - simpler that way.
long before the Ricers, custom vans and motor homes had lighted running boards. This shouldn't be too hard to do.
I know what you guys are saying, but I'm thinking more along the lines of off-road lighting. Too many times, I've been caught on the trails after dark and having some chassis level floods illuminating 10-20 feet of earth surrounding the vehicle is rather comforting.

As far as the running boards go, I took them off the day I brought home my Av. My off-road skills can be described as "impatient and amateurish", so I took the boards off before they got mangled up in some rocks. :)
Any news on this? This thread has been dead for a while but I'm interested so I thought maybe I could revive it. :p

Could someone spec exactly what they want these lights to do - I have an idea, but not sure what the demand is. ;D
I've been thinking lately of mounting standard lights into the end of the bottom of the door. Look where your white/red marker lights are on the interior of the door panel. Think of a light mounted into the bottom edge of the door in about that area aimed downward. It'd probably be easy to wire them to the existing puddle lights.
It would be nice to have the BCM trigger them when you are getting out of the car as an override - perhaps avoid a puddle.

I will accelerate this process next week, just got the Beast back from a driveline upgrade and trying to solve a few PCM problems. ;D
I'v been thinking about this issue for quite awhile now. The other day a lincoln navigator pulled up beside me at a traffic light, I looked down at the running boards and there was the answer. I called the lincoln dealer and the cost of the assist step light is $41 or $42 each. I just might be going over to the lincoln dealer this week. The only problem is do I really want to put a :-Xford part on my chevy ??? :cautious:
I replaced my Expedition with the Av. I know exactly what you guys are saying - the cooler feature on the Expedition/Navigator is those lighted running boards. Luckily, nowhere on the surface was there refernce to Ford/Lincoln. However, there are so many Expedition/Navigators out there that you'd probably be picked on for having FOMOCO parts on your GM truck.

I'm thinking of getting the Westin lighted step boards, but I can't find a site which shows them mounted on an Av. Has anyone seen them to give an opinion?