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Running the engine on LPG



I bought my Avalanche Z71 in November 2001 and love it. As you might guess there are very few Avalanches in England, I think it is 2 or 3 !!!
Do any members run their Av on LPG (Liqiud Petroleum Gas). I have a modification that allows me to run on Gas 90% ( Petrol ) and 10% LPG ( Gas ) !!!. any more LPG and the engine light comes on; are there any modifications which will allow more LPG to be used?
And what is the best way of getting more POWER?

All the Best

Kingsley ( In England )
You will want to do some good research before you put too much LPG into the fuel delivery system.

Down here (in my state) about 20% of road vehicles have a dual fuel system, that is they can run on 100% LPG or 100% gasoline at the flick of a switch. In 1999 GM offered a dual fuel system with the Suburban which was fitted by authorised fitters and kept the factory warranty. Most people I have spoken to about these LPG systems have not been happy with them. Most problems seem to involve the intake manifold and air box and the damage that these parts suffer when the vehicle backfires while trying to start the vehicle.

Do some investigation with other owners of similar Chevy engines and see what you can dig up.