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sagging even after load is gone?


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Mar 4, 2007
i have an '07 av. I recently hauled a 4000 lb boat, about 500 lbs of gear and four people in it. during the process i noticed the suspension start to sag in the rear. i though it would go away when the load was removed. However, a day later and the rear end is still a little saggy.
is this normal?
will it spring back up?
i have a front end leveling kit installed too...
liftedlt2 said:

yep, he's serious! It may just be "stuck" for a lack of a better term.
Define sagging?

did you measure?

have you driven it since then?

parked in same place as usual?

once load is off the springs will lift truck to normal position since they hold the body up...

if it is lower thn something is wrong or ya still have more load..