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Does the non-leather interior come scotch guarded from the factory? If not has anyone applied it to your interior? How well does it work? Are there any products better than scotch guard? Just bought my Av four days ago & I have a three year old and well accidents happen. Thanks
Hey Dunkeroo2,

I don't think there exists a strong enough Scotchguard to save the interior from my crew. ?My 3 yr.old drops everything she touches, and my one year old has just discovered the intriguing and amazing physical properties of gravity. ?I am convinced that he will grow up to be a running back in the NFL because he is already bigger than his 3 1/2 year old sister, and he is getting really good at "spiking" the sippy cup. :cool:

For some reason I think I remember the "salesman" telling me that the carpet, etc. had been factory treated, however, there are several other things he told me that I now know to be untrue.
I would go ahead and treat everything applicable. ?I did this on a previous vehicle and it did work fairly well.

I had a treatment applied by dealer in houston before I took delivery. Called VIP treatment-some kind of Teflon coating applied to all surfaces of interior and exterior.
Came with 5 year guarantee not to stain or fade from original color.
Cost around $300, have leather interior, but I think can be applied to cloth as well.
I Scotchguard'ed my S-10 Blazer, and it did seem to resist staining over the years better than average. I haven't done the Av yet, with the dark cloth interior, it may not be a stain-prone as some, but it's not bad insurance.

Go to 303 aerospace site they have a fabric treatment product that I hear is very good.

My truck is for hunting, and soon, kids, so one of the first things I did was go to Wal-Mart and get several cans of scotchguard. So far the mud from the mutt has cleaned up very well from the seats (the wife won't let me get camo seat covers... :() The carpets were a bit tougher, but the carpet stuff scotchguard makes works well, I have found. I did the whole interior, I thought, until I got some mud on the ceiling. After working long and hard to clean that, the WHOLE interior is now scotchguarded. I refresh it every few months, and really give it a good soaking. Heck for $15, I think it was really worth it. BTW, I panicked at first when I did the top, since it looked like it had changed the color, but it all dried back to the original. Don't forget the cloth 'kick panel' on the sides of the doors!

Madmax ><>