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Seat Covers


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May 11, 2002
Royal Oak, Michigan
Has anyone found seat covers that work?? None of the ones I have seen incoporate some type of an opening for the seatbelt, which come right out from our seats, instead of from the side panel.
>:Di found these on ebay but i don't like them. they look like they would work with belts and air bags. they list covers in the Bass Pro Shop catalog but offer no picture. I'll check their web sit for a picture.


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Be careful that the seat covers you get don't obstruct your side air bags (they deploy from the side of the front seats). Cheers - Jim
I had mentioned in another posting that I had found some seat covers that I really likeand some of you were interested, so I thought I would tell everybody. ?The are the Saddleman Ultimate Fit (I got dark or charcoal grey) and I got them through www.cabelas.com. ? They really fit snug! (The rear seats are a little hard to lift now.) ?And they cover everything. ?They were $200 a set (front/rear) They have cut outs for the side air-bag, seat controls, and velcro down the side for the seat belt. ?They also have a pocket like the factory on the back of the front seats, and an additional small one on the front of the seat. ?I have the bench front and that came with a seperate cover for the middle section. ?Also, the rear has an extra piece that covers the arm rest nicely, and also covers the inside of that hole when the arm rest is down. ?The site said 3 to 5 weeks for delivery, but I got them in about 1 1/2 weeks. ?The color and fabric is an almost perfect match to the factory. ?I have some pics but I think I can only attach 1 ??? ? ?Here it goes...

OOps! :cautious: I spazzed. Let me get some help
OK view of the front seats ... Yes, these are covers!


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View of the rear seat covers


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Back of the front seat Shows the velcro attachment head rests also have covers (included!)


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Side of the front seat showing the cut outs for seat controls. It does have the cut out for the air bag also


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Before you order from a catalogue check with Cyclone on Indianola. This company will make you whatever you need and they do a really good job. In fact they do most of the work for the dealers in this area. They just made me a set of seat covers for my 2500HD. I had checked with Saddleman, before I went to Cyclone, and they had a problem with the through the seat seat belt.
Wiki said:
I was looking in to getting these seat covers.

Wet Okole

Wet Okole Seat covers, while somewhat pricey are an excellent, well made, durable product. I had a set in my Jeep and am also considering them for the AV before ski season really gets going. Totally waterproof (a big plus in slush country) and a tailored fit.

May need to contact them to see if they have a template for the AV seats.
I was thinking of using something to protect my leather seats from the wear that they are gonna be getting in the next few years. I don`t want my seats looking like some I have seen.

If anyone is using some kind of seat cover how about posting a pic and some detail about the covers. How do you like the covers etc....

Thanks for any help.
Anyone found any nice seat covers for the 2003 avy. I know wet okole, but I am using them for work and don't want to trash real nice covers. I dont plan on soiling myself on the seats :9: or anything, but mud will be a factor. ;D
Well Folks, I was gonna order the Wet Okole Seat Covers but I just couldn't find the colors I wanted for a Tan Interior, So I went with the Saddleman Seat Covers ;D and the fit and function is fantastic! They even match great!!

I just checked the saddleman link above, and they specifically say they do not fit side air bag seats.

They fit the Side Air bag seats. ?I have the Bucket Seats with side airbags and they have the cutouts for them. ?

You need the ultimate Fit Seat Covers

If you want I can take pictures.

I'd already have a set of Wet Okole's........except for one big drawback with colors.

The seats are made of a few different sections. You can have any color 'middle' section, but the outer area or the sides MUST BE BLACK. :mad:

If I could get Charcoal, with Red in the center, I'd be all over them... Black just won't do for me. :rolleyes: :cautious: