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Seeking Overhead Console


New Member
May 19, 2003
Clay, NY
I just bought an '02 Avalanche Last week... trading in my '99 Blazer. I'm thrilled with the Avalanche with the exception of the overhead console. It's too bloody small. 2 lights and an opening for storage. I loved the Blazer's Overhead Console. It had a couple lights, compass/temp, garage door opener compartment, sunglass holder, cd-rom storage, and a couple lights for the back seat.

Where can I get an overhead console similar to the chevy blazers, and how difficult would it be to remove the current avalanche's console and install the new one?

I have a tan interior celing and overhead console currently. If you have an overhead console that fits the bill and want to part with it contact me and post or send me a picture. I'm willing to negotiate?
I wonder if one of the long ones from a Suburban would fit? Seems like they should if there isn't a Sunroof.
Do a search for TRIP COMPUTER....someone on here as added a different overhead console just for the trip computer but it may work for what you want as well.....

Thanks for the feedback so far. I checked out jcwhitney.com and although these solutions provide storage it would be a secondary alternative to getting a overhead console. I'm glad you sent the link, because if all else fails I just might go down that path.

I visited the parts deparment at my chevy dealership and am led to believe there is no large overhead console on either suburbans or avalanches. However, there is one on some models of full size extended cab chevy trucks. problem though... according to the service foreman he's not sure if the ceiling mounts in the avalanche would be the same. I looked at the lot of over 80 full size trucks for sale and not one had the overhead console in it. i couldn't believe it would be such a rare option.
I was told by the chevy dealership that a Suburban Overhead Console would work. However, I would need to give them the VIN# of the vehicle with the appropriate console. I looked at about 30 Suburbans at the dealership and only found 1! with the large overhead console for garage door opener/sunglasses/etc. Unfortunately, it also had controls for AC/Heat for the back seat in it. As a result it wouldn't work. I can't understand why they can't just show all overhead console parts for the Suburban, but have to show them just by VIN#. Bizzare.
I'll see what I can find for you. You said it's the neutral headliner - shale correct?

I'll post once I find something.
Thanks for the feedback so far. I guess I have the shale/tan liner and overhead console. I've looked at the overhead concepts for a shelf, but am really looking for something like I had in the blazar. I saw what I wanted in a suburban, but it had the dials for the ac/heat for the rear area. I'd love to find a suburban w/o this. If I had a VIN I'd be able to get the part.

I really appreciate the feedback from everyone so far. I'm hoping to get lucky.